Meet Our Team

Jonathan Hong

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)


I am a licensed clinical social worker in Massachusetts and California. My expertise resides in crisis intervention and acute care medical settings. I have assisted patients of all ages experiencing various forms of trauma such as domestic violence, immediate safety concerns, and helping those cope with unexpected traumatic events and grief. I have also provided short-term therapy with those struggling with substance abuse, depression, anxiety, and anger management. As a psychotherapist, I use a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), solution-focused interventions, and narrative therapy to help provide you with tools and skills to process, overcome, and create the life you desire.

Growing up in an immigrant household as a first-generation Asian American, I understand your struggle of finding a balance between societal/cultural values that may differ with your family’s values and trying to formulate how all this fits into your own unique identity. It can be difficult navigating your sense of self through your ever-changing surroundings, but it will be easier to find your true self with a trained therapist.



Areas of focus: