Meet Our Team

Perrie Mo

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW)

Advanced Palliative and Hospice Social Work Certified (APHSW-C)

Registered Nurse (RN)


Whether you are dealing with emotional pain from a traumatic experience, navigating a challenging relationship, living with a terminal illness, or grieving for a loved one, I am here to help you identify your strengths and to support you along your healing journey. I deeply believe in building humble relationships with my clients and helping them reach their full potential. I use an integrative and holistic approach, including acceptance commitment therapy, existential therapy, narrative therapy, motivational interviewing, and structural family therapy, to guide and listen to my clients' needs.

My focus has always been on domestic violence and sexual trauma throughout my career. After I completed my clinical education, I served as a mobile crisis clinician for the Boston Emergency Services Team, working alongside highly respected psychiatrists in the mental health field. This experience has given me robust skills in conducting psychiatric evaluations, providing crisis intervention, and managing treatment referrals for psychiatric patients with various diagnoses.

Growing up as an immigrant in a household of both East and Southeast Asian parents, I have a strong interest in working with Asians and Asian Americans who experience cultural and generational conflicts in the family. My approach to clinical work is culturally sensitive and non-judgmental. By demonstrating humility, respect, and openness, I believe these qualities can help create a safe and trusting environment for my clients.



Areas of focus: